Voting Rights

Voting is a fundamental part of our democracy. Tragically, people's right to vote is being marginalized through partisan gerrymandering and harsh and unnecessary voting laws. We can help to make voting more accessible by supporting laws that expand voting access and supporting groups that are fighting against unfair redistricting practices. We will also be joining with other organizations to help get the vote out and support elected officials that believe in progressive policies.


Policy ADvocacy

Legislation impacting access to the ballot has been introduced, or is being considered, in many states including Illinois. These bills will have an important effect on boosting or limiting voter turn out and creating fairer elections and more representative results. We are working to create awareness of these bills and support new legislation that ensures everyone's voice is heard.



There are a multitude of groups that are currently working on getting out the vote and "flipping" districts to Democratic control. Moving Forward group members are joining up organizations like Swing Left, Flippable, and Sister District to support local, state and national efforts to raise funds and register voters to regain control of Congress and state houses around the country. 



Gerrymandering is the process by which district lines are drawn to give an unfair advantage to one political party. States will be re-drawing Congressional and state districts in 2021 following the 2020 census. Moving Forward is supporting organizations like the National Democratic Redistricting Committee to ensure fair maps are drawn during the redistricting process.