The Environment

2016 was the hottest year on record - for the third straight year. The perils of climate change require bold, collective action opposed by our political leadership. Moving Forward advocates for long-term investment in renewable energy, deference to scientific consensus, public health over corporate profits, and environmental justice for vulnerable populations and future generations.  If we stay silent in these times, the consequences for our planet will be devastating.  We are facing dramatic temperature rises, an increase in natural disasters, drought, famine and mass extinction of wildlife.


Sierra Club

Moving Forward allies itself with the Sierra Club, whose efforts to educate and empower people to protect and improve the natural and human environment aligns closely with our own. It is our hope that Moving Forward's participation will bolster the successful advocacy work that Sierra Club already conducts, as well as increase the flow of resources and community members to their and similar organization's efforts.  We are fortunate, in Chicago, to have an active Sierra Club office working directly on issues that will impact our planets future.


Illinois 100

The enormous collective action needed to face climate change can feel daunting. When all of humanity needs to change its habits, what can a single person, city, or state do?  The answer: lead the way. There are no carbon-neutral large cities or states, but Chicago and Illinois could serve as an example of how to transition off of fossil fuels. By investing in gas-free transportation infrastructure, taking advantage of the state's natural advantage in wind power, and developing and employing the latest photovoltaic technology, Chicago and Illinois could be carbon-neutral by 2040.