RED Alert 12/7


Phone bank for the DREAM Act. The DREAM Act is a current piece of legislation  that proposes a process for qualifying alien minors in the United States that would first grant conditional residency and, upon meeting further qualifications, permanent residency. It is crucial for a clean DREAM act to pass immediately because beginning March 6th, hundreds of thousands of additional DACA recipients will begin losing protection. 

Wednesday 1/10 from 5-7pm at St. Anthony's Wellness Center (2826 W. Cermack Rd.). All you need is a cell phone, headphones, and labtop.


Join other Moving Forward members at the Defending Net Neutrality panel to learn about the efforts to fight back against the Trump administration's attempt to restrict the open internet. The panel will be at the Center on Halsted (3656 N Halsted) in the Hoover-Leppen Theater on 1/9 from 7-8pm. 
The panel will include: 
Anna P. Crane, Illinois Attorney General's Office
Peter Hanna, ACLU of Illinois
Jake Wright, Digital Privacy Alliance

Please RSVP at this link:


Check out the incredible and inspiring organization Project I Am, which was created by 9 year old Jahkil Jackson to help Chicago's homeless population. They create "blessing bags" with important essentials to give to those in need. Jahkil's organization has already given away thousands of bags all over the city. 

To learn more or donate: