RED (white & blue) Alert - July 4th 2017

Happy Independence Day everyone! 


The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity or "Kobach Commission", a thinly-veiled attempt to intimidate and suppress voting around the country, recently asked all 50 states to share voter information including voting history, party affiliation, and other personal details. As of Tuesday, the State Elections Board in Illinois had not made a public statement about the request. Everyone is encouraged to call the Board on Wednesday in Chicago (312-814-6440) or Springfield (217-782-4141) to demand that not only does Illinois not share any information with this Commission, but they issue a public statement condemning the Administration for its voter suppression efforts.


Two upcoming events:

  1. Sunday, July 9th starting at 4:30pm until about 7 - Moving Forward Cookout at the Grant residence in Lincoln Park. Meat and veggie main dishes and sides will be available. If you'd like to bring something, beverages and desserts would be appreciated. RSVP to if you need the specific address.
  2. Moving Forward is bringing dinner to a Mothers Against Senseless Killing (MASK) cookout in the afternoon of Sunday July 23rd at 7510 S Stewart. Every night over the summer MASK will be holding BBQs for up to 100 community members. If you're interested in donating food, donating money for others to buy more food, or joining for the delivery, please RSVP and we'll coordinate.

Also, stay tuned for more information coming in the next 1-2 weeks about our next fundraising event to be held this summer


We've highlighted both these organizations before, and with the recent focus on the election commission want to include both again: ACLU and Let America Vote. Both organizations are focused on fighting any attempts at voter suppression via the courts, legislatures, and opposing politicians who make it harder for everyone to vote.


While not a focus of this week's RED Alert, Healthcare is still a top issue that we're tracking. As of the end of last week, the Senate was revising the "BCRA" to provide concessions to get various Republican Senators to agree to vote for the bill. We must keep vigilant on this. If you have friends or family in states with Republican Senators especially Nevada (Heller), Arizona (Flake), Ohio (Portman), West Virginia (Capito), Alaska (Murkowski and Sullivan), and Maine (Collins) encourage them to call their Senator and tell them not to vote for this bill in any form. Here in Illinois, we should continue to let our Representatives (especially Peter Roskam) know that we don't want them to support this bill when it comes back to the House from the Senate. More info to come as it happens.