RED Alert 7/30


Illinois House Bill 1785 eliminates the requirement for surgery before correcting the gender marker on one's birth certificate. In 1955, Illinois was the first state to recognize that transgender people should be able to change the gender marker on their birth certificate. At the time, medical professionals believed that transition required surgery. Today, the medical standard requires an individualized gender transition treatment plan, which may or may not include surgery. The federal government does not require surgery to correct the gender marker for various forms of ID and this law would make Illinois ID consistent with federal forms of ID. HB 1785 also reduces the serious risks of discrimination, harassment, and assault that  transgender and intersex people face if their status is revealed. This bill is now at the Governor's desk - please ask him to sign!

Call him: Springfield (217) 782-0244; Chicago (312) 814-2121

Sign the petition:


Come to show your support for HB 40. There will be a day of silent protest on Tuesday, August 9th at Governor Rauner's office at The Thompson Center between 7am-3pm. Stand in silent solidarity in support of a women's right to choose and have have access to essential health coverage. 
HB40 is a bill that would protect women's access to health care in Illinois. Without it abortion in Illinois could become illegal and thousands of women could be without access. The bill has passed the house and senate but Rauner says he may not sign. Let Governor Rauner know that this crucial piece of legislation must be put into law!


The Global Emergency Response Coalition was formed in response to starvation threatening more than 20 million people in Nigeria, Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and neighboring countries where there is severe hunger, including Niger, Uganda, Chad, Cameroon, Kenya and Ethiopia. Eight of the world’s largest U.S.-based international relief organizations are coming together for the first time to launch a joint fundraising appeal, the Hunger Relief Fund, to the American public to respond to an unprecedented hunger crisis and to save millions of lives.  

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