Recent Redistricting Updates

The momentum against unfair redistricting continues with recent updates in North Carolina and Ohio:

  • The Supreme Court agreed with the lower court ruling that the North Carolina state legislature drew unconstitutional, racially unfair districts. The case is returning to the lower court again for a decision on whether a special election should be held to remedy the issue. See the full Slate article.
  • Ohio appears set to put forth a ballot measure in order to establish a commission on drawing new district lines in the state ahead of the next redistricting/reapportionment cycle. If you have friends or family in Ohio, please encourage them to sign the petition by July 5th to get this included in the 2017 voting cycle (if not enough signatures are captured this year, they will likely be by 2018.) With Republicans controlling the three pillars of the Ohio government, the commission would be Republican-dominated, but this opens up a more direct path for fairer maps and helps with the nationwide push against partisan state legislatures controlling the process. See the full article on The Hill.

More updates to come in North Carolina, Ohio, and more.