RED Alert 6/25/17

Instead of the typical RED Alert, we wanted to focus on health care this week. 

On June 22, the Senate introduced their revised version of the health care bill previously passed by the House. The bill, entitled The Better Care Reconciliation Act, will result in loss of healthcare for likely millions of people. This bill will restructure Medicaid and consequently leave people most vulnerable unable to access medical care. In addition, there are provisions that potentially allow states to waive essential health benefits (i.e. maternity care coverage and ER visits), which could leave families who have insurance responsible for huge expenses. The current legislation would also completely defund Planned Parenthood for one year. Currently, federal law states that Planned Parenthood cannot use federal funds to provide abortions. This bill precludes women on Medicaid from being reimbursed for services, such as cancer screening or PAP tests, at a Planned Parenthood. Things will be moving quickly now that this bill has been introduced. Please continue to encourage family and friends who have Republican senators to call their representatives. Call, call, and call again!

Here's a great tool to find people you know through Facebook who live in key states:

This bill, due to a process called budget reconciliation, only requires a simple majority to pass. Using the reconciliation process means that an unlimited number of amendments can be introduced. Any Senator can file amendments and call them up for a floor vote. This tactic can delay the bill and make it more difficult for the bill to move forward. Check out to submit an amendment for your Senator to read.