RED Alert 5/29


The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score was released this week regarding the health care bill passed in the House (American Health Care Act). The CBO score shows that the new bill would leave 23 million people uninsured and block millions of people from receiving care at Planned Parenthood Centers. The next stop is the Senate. Here's a great calling tool from Planned Parenthood that links you to your Senators office and provides a script for the conversations:


The Strides for Peace run/walk will take place in Grant Park this Thursday June 1st. Strides for Peace identifies and financially assists local community partners who work directly to reduce gun violence and provide opportunities in underserved communities. 

To learn more about Strides for Peace and register for the run:

Also, on Saturday, June 3rd is the Party for Peace. If you are interested in joining the Moving Forward group at the party, email


INARA provides life altering medical care to children from conflict areas who have injuries or illnesses and are unable to access treatment due to war. INARA fills in the gaps to medical treatment that are not provided by other institutions or non-profits. 

Check out this incredible organization: