John Oliver does his thing on Gerrymandering - UPDATED with video

In case you missed Last Week Tonight on Sunday, April 9th, John Oliver had an extended segment about Gerrymandering. In addition to highlighting the origins of the practice and the name, he highlighted the ways gerrymandering is an issue across the political spectrum, but especially insidious amongst Republican legislatures since the 2010 census.

Gerrymandering, or redistricting, is one of Moving Forward's core issues within our Voting Rights focus area. We are continuing to track the court decisions related to racial and partisan gerrymandering and support organizations like the National Democratic Redistricting Committee who are looking to ensure that fairer district maps are drawn following the 2020 census. We'll continue to update this space with more news about redistricting and opportunities to help take action against continued voter disenfranchisement through this process.

As with previous topics, now that John Oliver has weighed in, there will likely be even more attention to what has become an increasing focus for Progressives in the next 4 years.

UPDATE (4/17):

One day after this Last Week Tonight segment, published an article and video with their own explainer about gerrymandering and how one group of researchers is working on establishing a standard for non-partisan redistricting so that the Supreme Court (and Anthony Kennedy in particular) can have something to point to when evaluating the partisanship of a district map. Check out this video as well and again, support the NDRC if you're interested in helping advance the cause of non-partisan redistricting.

Article and video link: