New Iowa Voter ID Law Proposal

Our neighbors in Iowa are taking some aggressive steps to pass a new voter ID law to "eliminate the potential error and fraud" according to their Secretary of State, Paul Pate. This is in spite of there being no actual evidence of meaningful fraud existing in the state. It's just another example of a Republican state legislatures imposing restrictions intended on making it more challenging to vote in the state, which will invariably affect low-income, minority, and younger voters.

I am saying outright that this legislation is riddled with implicit bias. We’ve spent hours and hours trying to show you this. To deny the bias in this bill is completely disingenuous. And after everything you’ve heard over the past 12 hours, it’s downright shameful.
— Rep. Amy Nielsen, D-North Liberty

Not a resident of Iowa, but want to help take action against this effort? Jason Kander's organization, Let America Vote, is hosting a petition (and raising funds) against this bill: It's a small step, but adding your voice to these petitions demonstrates that, nationwide, we won't sit quietly while Republicans attempt to disenfranchise voters.