Swing Left meeting

A few Moving Forward group members attended a Swing Left meeting this past weekend. Swing Left is an organization that pairs you with your nearest swing district. What is a swing district? Great question! A swing district is a place where the winner of the last House of Representatives race was determined by a thin margin. From the Chicago area, IL-10 is the closest swing district. The representative in IL-10 is currently Democrat Brad Schneider. As a group, we'll be heading to IL-10 over the next few months to help support Brad Schneider.

Here are some helpful links to find events and learn more about Brad Schneider and Swing Left.


Download IL-10 Primer

Download Swing Left Strategy

If you're interested in going with someone from the Moving Forward group, just send an e-mail to movingforwardchicago17@gmail.com and we'll help get you started!