Automatic Voter Registration

A new bill was recently introduced in the Illinois legislature. The Automatic Voter Registration act looks to expand access to voting for residents in Illinois. Voting is a fundamental right. In Illinois, less than 2/3 of eligible voters are registered. Only 41% of 18-24 year olds in Illinois are registered to vote. The AVR uses information from various government agencies to register people to vote or update their status. Eligible voters have the opportunity to opt-out.


What can you do?

- Call your state house or senate representative and ask them to sponsor this legislation.


Who is my state house or senate representative?


- Select either desktop or mobile and type in your address.


What do I say?

- Hello, My name is [insert here] and I am calling to ask my senator/representative to sign on to co-sponsor the Automatic Voter Registration Act (Senate Bill 1933 or House Bill 3695). Voting is a fundamental right and this bill would help to expand voter access and make the voter rolls more accurate. Thank you.