RED Alert 12/17


The FCC voted to repeal net neutrality earlier this week. This decision allows internet companies the ability to slow down or block access to websites. For example, the consumer could have to pay more money to stream content at current speeds or access certain platforms. Now it's up to congress to act to undo the FCC's repeal of the net neutrality rules. Senator Ed Markley introduced a Congressional Review Act resolution to nullify the FCC's repeal. Call your Senators to let them know you support the CRA and spread the word because a CRA needs to pass the House and Senate with a simple majority before it's put before the president.


Interested in learning how to write an effective letter to the editor? Join Indivisible on Tuesday 12/19/17 at 7pm for a How-To on writing Letters to the Editor! Julie Sampson of Citizen Action IL will guide you through why letters to the editor matter to hold representatives accountable, when to do one, and how to do one in this interactive small group session. 

Be prepared to write and outline and/or finish a letter to the editor by the end of this event. Bring your laptop and/or pen and paper.
Please indicate if you will attend in person or by video/phone conference when you RSVP!


Help support a group of pediatricians who are committed to providing care to patients at the Bernard Mevs Hospital (BMH) in Port Au Prince, Haiti. They will be traveling to Port-au-Prince  in January and will spend 8 days working with physicians, nurses, and patients throughout the hospital. Every year, Project Medishare, who runs the volunteer program at BMH asks for a small donation from volunteers. To learn more/donate: