RED Alert 11/27


The Senate is back from recess and if you want to make your voice heard about the tax bill, now is the time to do so. The CBO states the bill will add $1.4 trillion to our deficit over the next decade. In addition, by 2027, most Americans making less than $75,000/year would be worse off if the individual tax cuts aren't extended, which would depend on the actions of future lawmakers. The Senate tax bill also eliminates the requirement that almost all Americans obtain healthcare or pay a penalty. If this occurs, premiums would rise and millions of Americans could lose insurance. So call those Senators, phone bank, or find other near by events with the resources from Indivisible:

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Mothers Against Senseless Killing will be having their annual holiday party on December 23rd. Details are TBD, but if you're interested in going with other members from Moving Forward, please e-mail us at There is also a toy drive and wishlist on Amazon if you'd like to contribute: 

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