Illinois Gubernatorial Forum Recap

On Sunday, October 8th, Moving Forward Chicago was a co-sponsor and attended the Gubernatorial Forum hosted at the Chicago Teacher's Union and organized by Our Revolution Illinois. The event featured seven Democratic candidates vying for the nomination for Governor in next March's primary ahead of the November 2018 general election. The candidates were:

  1. Alex Paterakis
  2. Ameya Pawar
  3. Bob Daiber
  4. Chris Kennedy
  5. Daniel Biss
  6. J.B. Pritzker
  7. Tio Hardiman

Topics ranged from $15 minimum wage to police brutality, free in-state college tuition and bridging the gap between Chicago and downstate Illinois. The goal was to evaluate the candidates' progressive qualifications and likelihood of knocking off Bruce Rauner in the general election. Each candidate had strong moments communicating their credentials and demonstrating their commitment to the progressive issues we seek leadership on.

  • Being previously unfamiliar with Superintendent Daiber, we liked a number of his responses and positions, including his perspectives on education.
  • Alderman Pawar had a few strong moments talking about his progressive accomplishments in Chicago.
  • State Senator Biss and JB Pritzker are probably the most well-rounded candidates and well-deserved early front-runners; thus they had a few heated back and forth interactions with one another over the course of the event
  • Chris Kennedy made a number of points about his leadership style and demonstrated his straightforward personality
  • Tio Hardiman's enthusiasm for community organization was on display in his passionate contributions
  • Alex Paterakis is a small business owner with grand plans for an Illinois legalized marijuana industry

This forum was a great chance to learn more directly from these candidates. Moving Forward will continue to review the candidates, their positions, and their viability to win next November. We're working to schedule meetings with their staff and/or Lieutenant Governor candidates over the next few months as well to be able to provide our perspective ahead of the primary. If there are any questions, please email us as