RED Alert 10/8


The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) provides health insurance to nine million children across the country. Congress has allowed this program to expire and if action is not taken soon to restore funding, many children in the program will be unable to see doctors for routine checkups, vaccinations, sick visits, etc. Both the House and Senate have proposed legislation to extend the program for five more years, but the bills still need to pass through the legislative process. 

Contact your House Representatives and Senators and tell them it is essential to reauthorize CHIP!

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Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Everytown for Gun Sense, Illinois Gun Violence Prevention Coalition, Indivisible Chicago, Indivisible Illinois, Women's March - Illinois, Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, Greater Chicagoland Brady Campaign, Planned Parenthood Illinois Action, and Friends Who March are partnering to take a stand against the NRA and to demand that Congress address gun reform. Join them on Monday 10/9 at 4:30pm at Federal Plaza (219 S Dearborn) for a rally. Multiple leaders that are at the vanguard of the fight for sensible gun reforms will be speaking as well.


Gill v. Whitford, a landmark gerrymandering case, was argued earlier this week in front of the US Supreme Court. This case has to do with a redistricting plan that was previously put into place in Wisconsin. In honor of the 14th Amendment and Moving Forward's favorite Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, consider making a donation to Rock the Vote. Rock the Vote works to engage, register, and mobilize young voters.