RED Alert 10/15


Call your IL State House Rep and show your support for IL Senate Bill 1657 Gun Dealer Licensing. This legislation gives Illinois the ability to encourage better business practices among gun dealers and holds corrupt dealers accountable. SB 1657 would enact common sense protections to stop the flow of illegal guns to criminals in our state. 

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If you haven't had the chance to hear the Democratic Gubernatorial candidates speak, there is an event on 10/26 sponsored by She Votes Illinois, Indivisible Illinois, and Women's March Illinois. There will be a panel discussion on relevant issues important to women with the Democratic candidates for Governor. The event will take place from 6-9pm on 10/26 at the UIC Student Center (750 S. Halsted).

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Fires have devastated Northern California. Per the LA Times, "more than 15 fires have scorched 220,000 acres, destroyed an estimated 5,700 structures and caused at least 40 deaths in more than half a dozen counties since October 8th." There are multiple different organizations accepting donations. This article has a nice comprehensive list: