Issues in Focus

While always keeping an eye on the news for what's relevant and timely, Moving Forward Chicago is currently focused on these core issues.


Voting Rights

Communities around the country are being disenfranchised or under-represented through aggressive and often unconstitutional actions such as gerrymandering and voter ID laws. This makes voting difficult or can minimize its impact on electing officials that will serve the best interests of all individuals in their community. We aim to help curb these efforts and ensure everyone maintains the fundamental right to select their elected officials.


Gun SEnse

Existing laws and community programs in violence-prone areas are are insufficient to stem the wave of gun-related injuries and death in recent years. Gun violence is like a disease, with devastating effects on the health and well- being of afflicted individuals, families, and communities. We aim to support and help those making our communities safer and advocate for laws that will keep guns out of the wrong hands.


Women's Issues

A range of policies to protect women are at risk of being reversed on local and national levels. Issues including reproductive rights, equal pay, and anti-violence efforts are being challenged throughout legislative bodies and the judicial system. These issues not only affect our sisters, mothers, wives, and daughters—but defense of these laws ensures that all human lives are treated equally. We strive to achieve these goals through advocacy, activism, and involvement in community groups.



The natural world, our most precious resource, is under attack from individuals and industries who deny fact and physics. The impact on humans is equally devastating as dirty air, toxic water and contaminated food often result in disease. We work to promote laws that will curb our city’s impact on the environment and shield residents from potential exposure to things that can make us sick.