Features Overview

The Gun Sense subcommittee is focused on taking actions to decrease gun violence in Chicago and advocating for common sense gun laws on both the national and local level. 


gun law advocacy

We keep track of the gun laws that are currently under consideration in the Illinois state legislature and make our voices heard through phone calls, filing witness slips, and holding meetings with our elected representatives.  


political activism

We participate in the Moms Demand Action network, which works to raise awareness, expand the network of individuals involved on this issues, and promote common sense gun laws in every state of the country.  

Find Moms Demand Action-IL on Facebook to get connected, join a neighborhood groups, and start attending monthly meetings.



community group support

We identify and work with groups, that are on a grassroots level, to stem the wave of violence in their communities. We have recently gotten involved with Mothers Against Senseless Killings (MASK) to fundraise and volunteer at their events.